1This American site is dynamic, colourful and full of creative material which is downloadable. The approach that Life.Church takes is vigourous and proactive and it may not be suitable for everyone. But this is a case of cherry-picking and there is much to choose from. You would need to subscribe for this free site.




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The Billabong

2This material originates from Australia and New Zealand. The material for Lent and Easter contains Orders of Worship and a plethore of other material for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigill and of course Easter day. Palm Sunday is not left out and the Palm Sunday People resoucers is a useful idea for Priests and Ministers looking to make an impact on this special day. It is well worth putting The Billabong in your Favourites Tab.

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3As the name suggests this is a Jesuit site. Some of the content may not be fully to episcopalian taste but the central message of Easter comes through very strongly. Particularly interesting are the YouTube videos which can be used in Holy Week or on Sunday Services. There are even lessons plans for Sunday School/Junior Church which can be printed off. Again it is important to be selective but there can be not doubt that this is an enriching site with lots of ideas and opportunities for Easter reflection.

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