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Unwrapped: the truth about Christmas.

1What is Christmas all about? For many people today, the Christmas story is just a fairy tale. They do not think it is true, and they do not think it matters.

Our new series 'Unwrapped' explores why Christmas matters, and why we can be confident that the Christmas story is true. Arriving this autumn.

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The series will have thirty two short (two minute) videos, and we expect to publish them one a day in the run-up to Christmas, starting on November 22nd.
Thank you for your help in making this new series known!


2A number of good links here with useful ideas.

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Messy Church

3Needs no introduction. Great resource. We liked the NO Rehearsal Nativity!

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Action for Children

4A downloadable, more traditional pack but very useful in many contexts across the diocese.

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