Book of the Month


Each month we invite a guest reviewer to suggest and review a book for us. The simple objective is that each book should encourage the reader in their walk with Christ.



Our Reviewer this Month

Jean Mainland is a retired primary school teacher who worships in Holy Trinity, Ayr. She is a member of the Learning and Discipleship Development Team and has been a member of the pastoral team at Holy Trinity for over 20 years.

Our Book this Month

The Electric Bible: revised an enlarged

Poems and Prayers for Public Worship

Author: Peter Dainty

Publ: Kevin Mayhew (September 2005)

ISBN: 978 1 844 174218

Price £16.13 on Amazon




Peter Dainty is a Methodist minister and throughout his life he has written religious poetry. In 2000 The Electric Gospel was published followed by the Electric Bible in 2003. In 2005 Kevin Mayhew published them as one volume which included 38 new poems under the title of The Electric Bible. Dainty takes familiar biblical verses/stories and puts them into a fresh and often thought provoking setting.
His poems can be humorous, gentle and sometimes they are very much to the  point. His clear use of language, sometimes deceptively simple and the powerful imagery connect with the readers/audiences not only on a visual level but on an emotional level too. Some of his seemingly simplest poems can be some of the most profound. I particularly like “The Candle” whose light/soul lives on when all else has gone, living to the glory of God. “God’s Good Time” (timetables are man-made) and “Give us Time” a dialogue between God and the human race. The poems are intended to be read out loud as they are for public worship, one voice or more depending on the poem but they work equally as well for personal reading.
Dainty sets out to illuminate the Bible, break down the “barriers of familiarity” and challenge us in our everyday lives, our values, our lifestyles, the very mores of the society in which we live. I think he does this very well.