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Each month we invite a guest reviewer to suggest and review a book for us. The simple objective is that each book should encourage the reader in their walk with Christ.



Our Reviewer this Month

The Revd Canon Dr Scott Robertson is Rector of St Margaret’s, Newlands, Glasgow

Our Book this Month

Creation by David Fergusson
Publisher: Eermans 2014
pp: 149
ISBN: 1-56364-638-2
Price: £13.99


David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, offers us, in his typically eirenic and thorough way, a helpful introduction to some of the major themes which fall under the banner of ‘creation’. In an atmosphere which has become cluttered by competing fundamentalist visions, be that religious fundamentalism or its nemesis, the scientism of the likes of Richard Dawkins, Fergusson navigates through the dross and excavates nuggets of theological significance. So, this is a book with depth, but it is by no means rarefied. An example of this is, early in the book, where he rehearses the notion of the image of God. Fergusson is able to point out the often-hidden aspects of this well-known theological term and brings the reader to a broader awareness of the implications of the image of God not only for the status of human beings but also for the wider ecosystem of which human beings are a small but significant part. This wide-ranging volume (Fergusson even touches on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life!) comes with a helpful Bibliography for those seeking to explore further. As a navigator of the theological and philosophical issues raised by creation, I can think of no better person than David Fergusson.
Our Reviewer says:  I warmly commend it to you.

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