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Each month we invite a guest reviewer to suggest and review a book for us. The simple objective is that each book should encourage the reades in their walk with Christ.



Our Reviewer this Month


The Revd Canon Dr Scott Robertson is Rector of St Margaret’s, Newlands, Glasgow.

Our Book this Month


Author:Rowan Williams

Publ: SPCK Publishing 

ISBN-10: 0281076626

ISBN-13: 978-0281076628

Price £5.53




My great uncle was fond of repeating that already well-worn Scottish phrase: ‘Guid gear goes intae wee book.” Here is literally a case in point. In Being Disciples,Rowan Williams has produced a little gem of a book. These collected addresses, spanning a five-year period from 2007-12, come together beautifully to offer us a concise, yet deeply profound expression of what it means to call oneself a disciple.
Williams guides us gently through 6 stages: ‘Being Disciples: Faith, hope and love; Forgiveness; Holiness; Faith in Society and Life in the Spirit. At each step he is able to ground what could easily dissolve into a kind of abstruse ‘spirituality’ (something that Williams has little time for) and so he avoids the reader feeling that the subject at hand does not have them in mind at all. This is a book that can be read at one sitting very comfortably but which merits careful re-reading. It is also a book that can be used (as we will be doing at St Margaret’s) as a Lenten Study Guide.

Our Reviewer saysHighly recommended.